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Sea facial  |  $139
Our most popular 60 minute facial! This nourishing treatment involves a clarifying enzyme peel, extractions, warm stone massage, hydrating hand/foot treatment, eye/lip facial, and a pore refining tea mask directed to your skin type.

VIP sea facial  |  $134

Save when you schedule within 28 days of your last visit. 

Acne facial  |  $159
This deep cleansing facial will get your skin on the right track! This includes our signature facial in addition to our deeper peel to cater to those with acne-prone skin. This 60 minute treatment also includes longer extractions and high-frequency to treat harsh comedones. 

Oxygen facial  |  $189

This clear, firm, and luminous skin treatment contains a germicidal action that caters to all skin types. Our 45 minute Oxygen Facial is a controlled and safe way of providing Oxygen to the skin using Magnesium Peroxide instead of Hydrogen Peroxide or gas pressurized tanks. This invigorating facial includes our most-loved chocolate enzyme peel in addition to our oxygen treatment. Literally, your skin will be glowing and regenerated! Who doesn't want that? Recommended for hyperpigmentation, sun damage, acne, scars, telangiectasia, rosacea, and wrinkles.  

Back facial  |  $168
Have back acne or just want a relaxing treatment? Try our soothing back facial which includes a refreshing exfoliation cleanse, enzyme peel, extractions, warm stone massage, hydrating hand/foot treatment, and a clarifying clay mask for 45 minutes. You'll be addicted once you try it, we promise!


Merbae VaGacial  |  $95
You read that right ladies! A rejuvenating facial for your girl down there to prep and pamper in-between sugaring sessions for 25 minutes in heaven. Because our vajacials include active ingredients that actually show results, we recommend to come a week prior or a week after your sugaring treatment. Includes dead skin and ingrown hair removal.

bum facial  |  $105

Time to check the booty facial off your bucket list! An invigorating facial for your behind for 25 wonderful minutes. The main spot on our bodies that we forget to give a little tender loving magic, say goodbye to those ingrown hairs!




Lactic Acid peel  |  $45

This peel will leave your skin feeling soft, decongested, and hydrated. It's known to remove the top dead layer of skin, heal the epidermis, and rebuild new cell walls. Lactic acid is also known to renew cells and regenerate collagen production. Recommended for aged, acneic, and keratinized skin.


magic Peel  |  $225 
For our busy babes that need a fast skin refresher in 15 minutes! This deep peel reveals a fresh new layer of skin and has a downtime of 5-7 days. This is our custom blend of AHA-peels to deliver exactly what your skin needs. Recommended for hyperpigmentation, severe sun damage, acne, scars,
callous, and deep wrinkles. This treatment can be repeated every 2-3 months.


Facial UPGRades
15-minUTE aDD ON  |  $15

Foot scrub  |  $15

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