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Facial FAQ

What is a facial?

A facial is a skin treatment for the face customized to your skin needs by your licensed esthetician aka skin professional. This procedure includes a facial cleanse and exfoliation involving steam, following up with extractions, massage, and implementing a series of facial products, such as peels, masks, serums, and creams to keep your skin in top shape.


How often should I get a facial?

It's recommended to receive a facial every 4-6 weeks for all skin types.

How do I get the best results out of a facial?

Definitely, inform your esthetician on how you care for your skin as well as what your skin concerns are so that we can best address your skin conditions. Keep your results up by sticking to a skincare regimen that your licensed esthetician recommends you. Skincare lines vary from different PH's and each product can vary from other lines making your PH level off balance.

I have sensitive skin, are facials recommended for me?

Yes, of course they are! We have a variety of professional-grade products which we can cater to every skin type. Most of the time, my facial clients say that they have sensitive skin and this is due to using the wrong products for their skin which contain harsh ingredients. Avoid products that contain these ingredients that are known to irritate the skin: SD Alcohol 40, Denatured Alcohol, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Sodium Trideceth Sulfate, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate, Ammonium Laureth Sulfate, Alpha Lipoic Acid, L-Ascorbic Acid, Ascorbic Acid, fragrance, dyes/colorants, apricot kernels, seed/shell powders.

are extractions painful?

They can be uncomfortable, but are highly recommended when getting a facial. We usually like to say that it's the "best, but worst part" of a facial. With steam and the correct enzyme preparation  your pores will open up which will allow us to free your skin from all debris.

Can I request to not have extractions?

Of course, you can! It is very important to us for you to feel comfortable and be extremely satisfied with all the services we provide.

How will your acne facial treat my skin?

Depending on how deep the cysts or comedones are, we may be able to extract them. In addition, we include high-frequency in your facial to clear your skin from bacteria without damaging or breaking the skin open. In our 60-minute treatment, we also include our lactic acid peel in this treatment to target all bacteria, remove the top dead layer of skin, and heal the epidermis while rebuilding new cell walls. We highly recommend that you ask for a skin consultation to see if this treatment is the perfect fit for you.

Is it common for men to receive Facial services?

Yes, even those with facial hair! We carry the same amount of male facial clients as we do with female facial clients. Try it once and you'll be addicted!

How do I decrease/minimize the size of my pores?

To minimize the size of your pores, you must exfoliate on a daily basis to remove the dry surface cells. Exfoliating with a gentle facial scrub every night and applying a pore refining mask 3x per week will show instant results. In addition to these two steps, you must include a hydrating cream to prevent your skin from becoming larger again. If you don't mind spending a little bit of extra money, Retinol or Retin-A is the most effective way to decreasing the size of your pores.


Do you offer Anti-aging facials?

Yes, we believe all of our facials should promote preventative aging. All our facial treatments include anti-aging properties even if it's an acne facial we provide.

Do you offer microdermabrasion?

Because we are a firm believer in keeping our skin looking youthful, we do not provide microdermabrasion services. As exfoliating microdermabrasion can be, it damages the skin by pulling and dragging causing skin to age prematurely overtime. If you breakdown the acronyms in the word "microdermabrasion", you will notice abrasion in the term which means an area damaged by scraping or wearing away.

However, we do offer chemical peels that are safe to use and at the same time clear your skin from impurities as well as aid to scarring or hyper-pigmented areas.


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