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Why are we obsessed with sugaring?

Sugaring is a gentle hair removal process that was used by ancient Egyptians and is 100% natural; made out of only sugar, water, and lemon juice.

10 reasons why you should SUGAR

1. Sugaring will reduce hair growth.
After every treatment, the hair follicle will start to diminish which can lead to permanency. 

It prevents ingrown hairs.

 Sugaring trains the hair to grow in the natural direction of hair growth instead of curling inward.
Sugaring is less painful than other methods.  

Hair is removed in the direction of hair growth and avoids hair breakage. Hair breakage causes pain and ingrowns which occurs in waxing.


4. Sugaring softly exfoliates the skin.

Due to the pure ingredients, sugaring removes the hair without damaging the skin. 

5. Sugar is environmentally friendly.
Our technique requires no sticks or strips and a fresh sugar ball can be repurposed for each body part per client.

6. Sugar will never burn your skin. 
The sugar paste must be at a lukewarm temperature and maintain 
thick consistency for it to be properly used. 

7. Sugaring leaves little to no redness.

This technique is highly recommended for everyone even those with sensitive skin.

8. Sugaring is biodegradable and 100% natural.

The paste only consists of lemon, water, and sugar. Need I say more?

9. there is No Double-dipping with sugaring.

Sugaring only requires gloves, leaving your skin bacteria-free and sanitized from other clients. 

10. Sugar is removed with lukewarm water.

Yes, it's water soluble! Meaning, no more stained clothes or left residue on your skin. 

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