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Sugar FAQ

What is sugaring?
Sugaring is a gentle hair removal process that was used by ancient Egyptians (1900 BC) and is 100% natural; made out of only sugar, water, and lemon juice!
How long should my hair be to get sugared?
If you have never been sugared or it's been over 6 weeks since your last treatment, make sure your pubic hair is at about the size of a grain of rice. If you've been scheduling your appointments within every 4 weeks, it is common to see a reduction of hair growth in certain areas making it sparse and patchy. Pay attention to the actual length of the hairs that are growing not the amount. If majority of your hair is about the length of a grain of rice, you're ready to get sugared again!

How should I prep for my appointment?
Make sure to read our pre-arrival tips here and read our confirmation/reminder e-mails and texts. Make sure to fill out our latest Sugaring Consent Form. This will guarantee a smooth sailing!

What should i do to prep myself for sugaring?
First and foremost, relax! Getting a Brazilian isn't like how it is in Hollywood movies. Second, make sure you exfoliate every other day (in the direction of hair) before arriving to remove the top layer of dead skin for best results and moisturize 2x per day (just not on the day of appointment). Third, make sure your hair is at least the length of a grain of rice.

Can I get my Brazilian area sugared while pregnant?
Yes, you can get sugared in your first and second trimester without a doctor's note. In your last trimester (29 - 40 weeks), we require a doctor's note permitting you to get sugared near or on the Brazilian area. Because your body is producing more blood and fluids to support your baby, you're more sensitive to pain. We recommend purchasing a bottle of our numbing gel when you come in for your appointment.

Is it safe for me to get sugared using accutane or retin-A, or any acne medications?
No, we do not recommend getting sugared unless it has been at least six months using Accutane or at least 4 weeks since using a retinoid. Acne medications can also cause hair to become thin and brittle causing it to break during sugaring. Therefore, you would not be a good candidate for sugaring.

How can I prevent hairs being left behind?
Genetics, stress, nutrient deficiency, overall health and hormones play a huge role, but making sure you are exfoliating and moisturizing properly is key. If there is dead skin in the way of new hairs growing in, this causes the hair to be trapped under the skin's surface creating which prevents the sugar to completely remove the hair. Also, moisturizing helps lubricate the follicles so the hairs come out easier. If your skin is dry, your skin will squeeze onto those hairs tightly causing breakage when sugaring.

Any residues that are left on the body will prevent the sugar to remove any hair properly. So make sure to avoid putting any moisturizer on or around the areas being sugared and make sure you're washing your hair prior to washing your body as hair conditioner can also leave a residue on the skin.

If you schedule your appointments too early, most likely the hairs that weren't ready to be sugared at that time will begin to grow and be ready at 4 weeks instead. Scheduling your appointments every 4 weeks is the perfect time for your hair cycle and also prevents multiple hair cycles during sugaring sessions.

Keep in mind that anything that contains Vitamin B, E, or D is going to cause your cell turnover to increase causing your skin, nails, and hair to grow even faster. Eggs, fatty fish, berries, spinach, sweet potatoes, avocados, nuts, seeds, sweet peppers, oysters, beans, soybeans, and meat are going to create a nutrient boost to your body causing your hair to grow at a rapid rate. Also, taking pre-natal vitamins or Biotin will give the same result.

This case is rare, but it does happen! Vitamin deficiency in the body, age, stress, issues with thyroid, hormones, medications such as antibiotics, or acne medication (not limited to these) can cause hair to be fragile and become brittle causing hair to break during sugaring instead of pulling it from the root. Studies show deficiencies in vitamins B12, D, biotin, riboflavin, iron, and other nutrients are associated with hair loss.

I have sensitive skin, can i be sugared?
Yes, you can! Definitely recommended for those who suffer with sensitive skin as there is little to no redness with sugaring. Sugaring is a great alternative to waxing because it doesn't remove live skin cells, but only exfoliating the dead skin away! Just make sure to avoid anything with caffeine, alcohol, or marijuana 72 hours prior to your appointment as it can cause an increase in sensitivity and can possibly make you sweat even more.

What else can you sugar, is it only used for main body areas?
You can sugar anything that you can wax!

is sugaring painful?
It can be painful the first few treatments, we won't lie! However, it is less painful than wax and becomes less painful overtime especially when you schedule your appointments within every 4 weeks of your last service. Just make sure to avoid anything caffeinated, pre-workout drinks, smoking, and alcohol at least 3 days prior to your service. Also, if you're sleep deprived or pregnant, your Brazilian may be a little more painful than normal. We also recommend to moisturize 2x per day and exfoliate every other day in the direction of hair. Taking care of your skin will definitely make removing your hair from those follicles less painful, for sure!

Do you offer sugaring services to men?
Yes, we do! We understand that men need the same pampering and care that women do. Our most popular sugaring service for men is our Manzilian!
Is it common for men to receive sugaring services?
Yes, it's very common actually. All of our male clientele love getting sugared and have stayed loyal to us.
What is a manzilian?
It's basically a Brazillian that we offer females except called a Manzilian for our males. This means we get all the pubic hair on the top, sides, and everything in-between. 

When should I schedule my next appointment?
You should schedule your appointments within every 4 weeks from each other to achieve the best results. When we are young, our cell turnover is 28 days and as we age that number will very slowly increase up to 45 days hence is why we recommend every 4 weeks. Plus, you can take advantage of our VIP Loyalty offer when you schedule your follow-up appointment within 28 days from your last appointment with us.
Can I get sugared during my period?
Yes, we provide sugaring services even when you're on your menstrual cycle. We ask that each Brazilian client be aware that sugar is water soluble and sugaring during your menstrual cycle will require applying a tampon or menstrual cup. We recommend to not cancel/reschedule when you're on your period as the week after your menstrual cycle can be really painful. Also, the longer you push time between appointments, your hair grows longer than it should be and will end up being extra painful. So, just come! Menstrual cycles are normal and every day we have clients that are on them. We don't mind it, one bit!

How do i care for my skin after getting sugared?
It is crucial that you avoid chemical peels, tanning, swimming/spa/hot tubs, exfoliating, hot showers, intimate activity, and working out for the next 72 hours after your treatment. Also, make sure to moisturize your skin every am/pm as well as exfoliate your skin following 3 days after your sugaring treatment to prevent ingrown hairs. Treat your freshly sugared skin as an open wound; otherwise, you will most likely receive a bacterial infection called Folliculitis and it's not cute!
How Do I Treat and Prevent Ingrown Hairs?
Exfoliating and moisturizing regularly! To prevent ingrown hairs, you must exfoliate every other day to remove the top layer of dead skin going downward. We sell the best roll-on exfoliator on the market that is used to prevent and treat ingrown hairs as well as cater to hyper-pigmented (dark spots) and hypo-pigmented (light spots) areas! For this product, you will need to apply 2x per day except for 3 days following after your treatment.

As far as moisturizing goes, make sure it's safe for down there and use it 2x per day. Just don't apply it on the day  prior to your sugaring appointment as the sugar is water-soluble and won't stick to moisture.

How Long does a Brazilian/Manzilian take?
Typically, it takes us 25 minutes or less to complete a Full Brazilian. For a Full Manzilian, the service typically takes 45 minutes. However, if it's your first time or has been past 5-6 weeks since your last service, it will take approximately 15 minutes longer.

How Long do Sugaring results last?
Every person is different and sometimes hair-growth is determined by genetics, diet, B-vitamins, hormones, or humidity. However, most of our clients are hair free for 2-3 weeks after the service. Many times, our clients reschedule their appointments for a later date (after 4 weeks) because they feel they don't have enough hair growth to get sugared. Sugaring causes the hair to grow sparse, fine, and only grow in some areas due to the damage to the hair follicle.

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