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About Us

Sugar Mermaid delivers the highest quality of Sugaring Hair Removal & Skincare treatments in Southern California. Maintaining knowledge of the latest developments in skincare science, we have made every effort to find only the best products to use in our treatments. We customize each service based on our client's needs and concerns. Our certified sugaring technique is followed using our 100% organic sugar paste which is made of only sugar, water, and lemon juice. It's all based on the final touches & we get that.

We are most passionate in making our clients feel beautiful and building relationships with them. Our passion stems from the feedback our clients give us for the work that we do. Our #1 priority is to make every effort to keep all of our lovely visitors clean & satisfied with the services we provide.

client of sugar mermaid named Melissa H
Melissa, H.

Sarah is the best!!! I found Sugar Mermaid back in June of this year and I am never going anywhere else. Sarah is extremely careful, thoughtful, and precise. She takes her time with each service and makes sure you are comfortable during the service. She's extremely knowledgeable and gives great tips for aftercare. That, coupled with her amazing personality really helps to make an intimate service go really smoothly! 

The first time I went to her, she started the service by calming me with essential oils-- no one has ever done that before! If you are dipping your toes into hair removal/sugaring, Sugar Mermaid is the place to go, Sarah will take care of you!.

client of sugar mermaid named Randi S
Randi, S.

I love Sugar Mermaid! I was nervous to try sugaring - especially getting a Brazilian, but the owner, Sarah, made me feel completely comfortable! Her location is clean and comfortable. Her price is perfect and she goes the extra mile to provide things of comfortability like cleaning towelettes, beverages, and even chocolate! I have been going to Sarah for about 6 months now and I have seen a drastic change in my hair growth. My hair is significantly thinner and doesn't grow back as fast or even as much as it did before. I will literally never go back to shaving. 
Also, I moved out of state about a month ago and had to try another sugaring place. It was horrible! I travel back a lot for work in Orange County so I continue to go see Sarah even though I live in another state now - she's that good!!! Not to mention she's so kind and genuine! Thank you, Sarah!

client of sugar mermaid named Mike D
Mike, D.

I just got a manzilian from Sarah and she was very knowledgeable and very through with her service. I would ask a lot of questions on why she did the way she did and she explained it in a way where I was able to understand (I ask ALOT of questions).
The space is super fab and really clean. The space is surprisingly larger than I thought it was (looks are deceiving!!!).
She made me feel very comfortable and she is also very through the entire service.
In short Sarah is amazing and very personable which makes the service go by super fast. I've had other Estheticians and Sarah does a great job.

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