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Enjoying Natural Ingredients

What is skin bleaching?

Skin bleaching is a treatment in which treats uneven skin tone caused by hyperpigmentation from sun damage, melasma, stretch marks, or scars.

100% all natural ingredients.

1. Our approach to bleaching is safe for All Skin types.
That's right! The products we use are great for all Fitzpatrick skin types and will never over-lighten treated areas. It is designed to treat areas back to their natural skin tone. 

2. You will see results from just 1 treatment.

From just 1 treatment, clients will see treated areas 1-3 shades lighter. It is recommended to schedule 1-2 sessions per week until your happy with your results. On average, clients see their desired results in 4-5 weeks. To maintain your results, it's recommended to purchase the kit for at-home use.
3. Skin bleaching gives confidence.

 It's more common than you think and it's natural to be a little insecure about unwanted dark areas! Skin bleaching is great for darkened skin caused by aging, hormones, pregnancy, melasma/pregnancy mask, ethnicity, melanin production levels, friction, scarring, and stretch marks.
4. Our method is safe, but not for every occasion.
If you have done any IPLs or lasering in the past 12 months, skin bleaching is not recommended. Also, if you are still breastfeeding or just had a baby within 12 months, we also don't recommend skin bleaching treatments because your hyperpigmentation marks most likely will re-appear.

5. Every area on the body is safe to skin bleach by us as long as it's done externally.
The most common areas we treat are intimate areas, knees, elbows, underarms, inner thighs, bum cheeks, and face. Scars and stretch marks can also be treated! Just make sure it isn't a port-wine stain, birthmark, moles, or a strawberry nevus mark as these are the only hyperpigmentation marks we cannot treat.

6. There are many ways to skin bleach, but we want to be 100% safe doing it. 
In the skin industry, there are a few other ways of lightening the skin: laser therapy, topical creams, and chemical peels. However, there are common side effects to each method and we will go into each one! 

Laser therapy has a down-time of 1-2 weeks and the skin is usually red, swollen, and crusty in the meantime. It's also very sensitive in the sun for up to 6 months and can cause permanent skin 
damage if a faulty machine is being used or if the technician has been improperly trained.

Topical creams contain ingredients such as hydroquinone, kojic acid, retinol, 
corticosteroids, and mercury. Hydroquinone has been banned in some countries (EU) as it can permanently discolor the skin and is a carcinogenic. Kojic acid is also known to be a carcinogenic and is less effective to skin bleaching than hydroquinone. Side effects from topical creams are skin irritations causing burning or stinging, further darkening or over lightening treated areas, thinning of skin causing skin to age faster, scarring, and will also cause blood vessels to show on the skin.

Lastly, chemical peels can cause further darkening or over lightening of the skin (usually for darker skin types), scarring, infections, and can damage the heart muscle, kidneys, liver, and cause irregular heartbeats from phenol.

With the system we use, there is no recovery period and the best part, it's pain free and 100% natural ingredients! For better results, we just ask to not wash off or sweat for a minimum of 2 hours. We do recommend wearing SPF and covering areas when going out in the sun. The ingredients used in our process is aloe vera, cucumber extract, licorice root, marigold, chamomile extract, bearberry, spearmint oil, sunflower oil, argan oil, vitamin c, mulberry extract, lemon extract, vitamin e, arnica montana flower extract, glycolic acid, lactic acid, and Indian gooseberry.

7. We use vegan friendly bleaching products.
Our system is 100% vegan friendly as the ingredients are plant derived.

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